Project Structure

NextGenProteins is organised into eight work packages (WPs). WP1 is specifically set up to evaluate the European regulatory framework for alternative proteins, food and feed and identify barriers for innovations and how they may be addressed. WP2 is devoted to the development and production of microalgae, insect and SCP proteins, optimisation of production processes and upscaling. WPs 3 and 4 will implement and demonstrate the application potentials of the alternative proteins for food and feed. WP5 will explore market opportunities and business potential

for the alternative proteins, work with consumers and consumer acceptance. WP6 will assess the environmental and economic impact that the alternative proteins have on sustainability aspects and value chain risks. WP7 will improve our understanding of new protein sources and how they interact with society and stakeholders in terms of economy, politics, social welfare, ethics and consumer acceptance. Finally, WP8 will ensure successful project management and WP interaction.