Our Work

Safety and Legal Requirements

Contact Person

Sveinn Agnarsson


Explore the EU regulatory framework for the production and use of alternative proteins in food and feed.

Contribute to future EU policy work with recommendations for alternative proteins.

Carry out pre-market assessment for NextGenProteins for use in EU.

Production of Alternative Proteins

Contact Person

Charilaos Xiros


Analyse and document functional and nutritional properties, as well as sensory characteristics, of microalgae, SCP and insect proteins Optimisation and upscaling of production and downstream processes to meet requirements for food and feed applications in line with EU regulatory and safety framework.

Assess the suitability of alternative proteins from microalgae, insects and SCP as high quality ingredients in food.

Main Achievements



Application in Food Products

Contact Person

Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir


The main objective is to assess the suitability of alternative proteins from microalgae, insects and SCP as high quality ingredients in food and to develop food concepts and products containing these proteins.

Focus is placed on developing and demonstrating novel high-quality food products containing the alternative proteins, to pave the way for subsequent commercialisation of the proteins and food products.

In this work, we will strive to improve the sensory quality of products through formulation technologies for increased consumer acceptance.

Main Achievements

  • Ethical clearance for sensory and consumer testing ☑
  • Prototypes ready for consumer testing ☑
  • Summary on development of ready meals containing alternative proteins – Coming soon
  • Summary on development of bakery products containing alternative proteins – Coming soon
  • Summary on development of imitation meat containing alternative proteins – Coming soon
  • Summary on development of advanced functional food supplements for elderly people containing alternative proteins – Coming soon



Application in Feed Products

Contact Person

Alessio Bonaldo


Analyse impact of feeding different levels of the three alternative protein sources to poultry and fishes.

Validate in field conditions the most promising alternative feed formulations.

Test the effect of the alternative proteins on feed manufacturing and physical and technological characteristics of the feed.

Main Achievements



Market Opportunities and Business Potential

Contact Person

Jaakko Paasi


Gain a European view on consumers’ and stakeholders’ attitude towards alternative protein sources and processes as well as food and feed containing alternative proteins.

Establish market potential for food and feed products containing the alternative proteins.

Identify suitable approaches to boost consumer trust and acceptability towards the three alternative protein sources and processes Create business models for the three alternative proteins as ingredients in food and feed.

Main Achievements



Sustainability Assessment

Contact Person

Bjarni Herrera


Assess environmental and economic impacts, using life-cycle assessment methodologies.

Assess the circular economy potentials of the alternative proteins production.

Perform a multi-criteria value chain risk assessment Provide clear, relevant and comparable results on the sustainability of the three alternative proteins.

Main Achievements



Stakeholder Involvement, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

Contact Person

Marie Shrestha


Engage all relevant stakeholders and actors, including primary processors, foresters, protein producers, food and ingredient producers, feed producers, and service providers as external experts, and involving researchers, national and European level policy makers, consumers and education experts, third sector organisations and communities to the multi-actor approach of NextGenProteins.

Support development of business cases by providing European-wide background information related to stakeholders.

Ensure effective exploitation of results.

Enable active multi-channel communication and dissemination that addresses all stakeholders and actors in order to guarantee long-term use and impact of project results: Disseminating results to industry and society as well as the scientific community.

Generate exploitation and dissemination plans to maximise the impact of the project results and to promote the three alternative proteins at European and International level Develop a Data Management Plan and connect NextGenProteins to the H2020 Open Research Data Pilot.

Project Management

Contact Person

Birgir Örn Smárason


Manage the project team’s operations towards achieving all goals within the set scope, time, quality and budget limits

Manage an efficient distribution and delivery of tasks Ensure that the core element of this project facing issues as collaboration and communication with stakeholders, Executive Advisory Board, executive board and the project team are managed successfully