While facing climate change and natural resource scarcity, ensuring sufficient, nutritious, safe and affordable food to a fast growing world population with changing dietary habits becomes increasingly challenging. The protein supply is in this respect most critical. Integration of a variety of new or alternative protein sources from both terrestrial and aquatic origin into new and/or existing processes or products needs to be explored, in order to develop and ensure more sustainable, resilient supply chains, featuring high consumer acceptability by a clean labelling approach and attractive market opportunities. 

Sharing this goal, the EU H2020 funded projects NextGenProteins, ProFuture, smart protein and SUSINCHAIN launch Horizon4Proteins, a Webinar series – starting on 13th December 2021 —to work together in key aspects such as: Consumer acceptance of alternative proteins, Safety and Regulatory challenges, Food applications, and Sustainability. Horizon4Proteins invites researchers, farmers, producers and policymakers to join the conversation and contribute to the present and future of the sector. 

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Horizon4Proteins webinars:

Horizon4Proteins webinar 22. September 2022

Video: Horizon4Proteins webinar 22. September 2022: Sustainability of alternatives proteins

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Why (not) to eat? A webinar on European consumers’ views on foods made of alternative proteins

Video: Why (not) to eat? A webinar on European consumers’ views on foods made of alternative proteins
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Horizon4Proteins webinar Novel Proteins – Food of the Future 28. April 2022

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Safety and Regulation 13.12.2021

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Let´s talk about alternative proteins: Horizon4Proteins Policy brief decision

Read the news post and watch the video from COP27:

Video: Horizon4Proteins at COP27

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  • Novel proteins for feed
  • Business opportunities and barriers for alternative proteins
  • Nutrition and Health of alternative proteins
  • Production processes of alternative proteins