A Successful Webinar on Sustainability of alternative proteins

On 22nd September2022, NextGenProteins, ProFuture, Smart Protein and Susinchain – four EU H2020 funded projects working on alternative proteins, hosted the fourth collaborative Horizon4Proteins webinar on Sustainability of alternative proteins.

This highly informative webinar, attended by 55 participants, shared insights into Optimization of environmental impact and Circular Economy perspective.

Massimo Castellari, senior researcher at IRTA (Spain) and coordinator of the H2020 funded ProFuture project introduced the Horizon4Proteins collaboration.

Sergiy M. Smetana, head of Food Data group at DIL (Germany) talked about Optimisation of environmental impact of insect production chains.

Hafþór Ægir Sigurjónsson, head of sustainability at KPMG (Iceland) talked about Circular Economy perspective for alternative proteins.

Click on the images below to open the presentations.

You can also watch a recording from the webinar here:

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