A successful webinar on European consumers’ views on foods made of alternative proteins

On February 3rd NextGenProteins, ProFuture, Smart Protein and Susinchain – four EU H2020 funded projects working on alternative proteins, hosted the second collaborative Horizon4Proteins webinar called Why (not) to eat? European consumers’ views on foods made of alternative proteins.

This highly informative webinar, explored European consumers’ views on alternative proteins made with novel ingredients such as microalgae, insect, plant-based and single-cell protein. It consisted of three presentations; an intro from Jaqueline Lyons, Jaakko Paasi, Principal Scientist in Foresight-driven Business Strategies at VTT talked about Insights on consumer acceptance of microalgae, insect and single-cell proteins in foods, and Armando Perez-Cueto, Associate Professor at the Design and Consumer Behaviour Department of the University of Copenhagen talked about Preliminary data on consumer acceptance of novel proteins.

Click on the images below to open the presentations.

You can also watch a recording from the webinar here:

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