Novel Proteins – Food of the Future

Join the 3rd collaborative Horizon4Proteins Webinar of NextGenProteins with one of its sister projects on April 28th at 4-5 PM CEST

In this webinar, the Horizon4Proteins projects will discuss novel proteins and their application in the food of the future. Participants will learn about the latest research via examples of novel proteins products and ingredients. Speakers will showcase innovative microalgae enriched foods and related challenges and opportunities. They will also highlight advances in new food product development using single cell, microalgae and insect proteins.

Participation is free of charge and registration is required prior to the event.

The event is part of a webinar series organized by Horizon4Proteins – a collaboration between the EU projects NextGenProteins, ProFuture, Smart Protein and SUSINCHAIN. The group joins forces to promote and discuss alternative proteins, supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient food system in Europe. They work together on key aspects such as: Consumer acceptance of alternative proteins, Safety and Regulatory challenges, Food applications, and Sustainability. Horizon4Proteins invites researchers, farmers, producers and policymakers to join the conversation and contribute to the present and future of the sector.

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