NextGen TALKS proteins- Diana Rempel

Interview with the Next Generation Students!

Who am I ?

Hello! My name is Diana and I study food technology and am currently writing my bachelor thesis at University of Bremerhaven.

What did I do during my internship?

During my internships I supported the NextGenProteins project by attending both pop-up stores in Bremerhaven and disseminated and discussed the information and what is being done in the project with different interested people. I was also responsible for the tasting-sessions of the different protein sources that are included in the NextGen project and talked about the future of nutrition.

Was I aware of the need for alternative proteins before working on the NextGenProteins project?

Before working on the project, I didn’t know the urgency of new alternative protein sources. But it fascinated me how many environmental and hunger problems can be solved with alternative protein sources. Since then, I see the future in these alternative protein sources.

Would you be willing to eat food products with microalgae, insect or single cell proteins in the future?

A resounding YES to alternative sources of protein. I was not only convinced by the solutions and the technology behind them, but also that they are versatile and tasteless. Of course, it’s difficult to try them when you know that they are not conventional protein sources, but I firmly believe that it’s all in the mind. I hope to see more of these alternative protein sources in the future and look forward to trying them out.

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