NextGen Proteins at the Icelandic Innovation week

The Icelandic Innovation week took place this May and NextGen Proteins representatives gave presentations on two occasions during the week.

The first presentation was held by the NextGen Proteins project coordinator, Birgir Örn Smárason as a part of the European Union session entitled EU funding programmes: Icelandic success stories. There attendees had the opportunity to learn more about how four Icelandic companies have successfully leveraged the instruments available to achieve their goals. Icelandic applicants often stand at the forefront of innovation, and have had an exceptionally high success rate in reaching EU funding.

The second presentation was a part of Matís’ event called Innovation in food production – Sustainability is the key! There Margrét Geirsdóttir Presented the NextGen Proteins project with emphasis on the importance of innovation and the progress NGP has made concerning the protein sources of the future. Along with aquaculture and insects she talked about Algae and attendees even had the chance to taste a freshly made smoothie that contained blue spirulina from NGP partners VAXA.

Thank you to all who attended!

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