NextGen TALKS Proteins

Interview with the Next Generation – Students.

Anna Lebeuf, Engineering student in Biotechnology in France.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Anna Lebeuf and I am a fourth-year engineering student in biotechnology in France. I was part of the NextGenProteins project from August to December 2020 as an intern.

Can you explain us what you did during your internship?

During my stay at Matís I was in charge of the optimization of the sensorial and functional properties of different novel sources of proteins through literature research and laboratory experiments.

Were you aware of the need for alternative proteins before working on the NextGenProteins project?

I knew from common knowledge that there was a demand for more novel food in the near future. Related to the growth of the population worldwide. However, I did not know that people were already working on different novel sources. The European protein deficiency is an important issue that is not well knownby the majority of people.

Would you be willing to eat food products with microalgae, insect or single cell proteins in the future?

I think working on this subject was a real eye opener. Microalgae, insects or even single cell proteins are not as strange as they appear to be. I think with time, everyone will learn to accept them and they will become part of regular meals. Personally, I will be more than willing to eat them in the future.

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